The Archers spoilers: Fallon and Rhys cause a stir, David alarms the Grundys, Lilian feels alone

Previewing all of next weeks drama in Ambridge

The Archers spoilers: Fallon and Rhys cause a stir, David alarms the Grundys, Lilian feels alone
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After weeks of will-they-won’t-they intrigue, Fallon and Rhys are finally together, so no wonder the news is the talk of the village. But while most people are thrilled for the happy couple, there is at least one person who’s drowning his sorrows in the Bull. 

Ed and Emma, meanwhile, are hoping to keep their state of affairs a secret, especially after Susan comes up with a solution that will ease their financial burden. Unfortunately, David manages to let the cat out of the bag and causes more alarm among the Grundys. 

Mike is also under stress as he joins Vicky at an ante-natal class where he frets after encountering first-time parents who are half his age. Now, just remember to take deep, regular breaths, Mike! 

Meanwhile, as Lower Loxley gears up to its annual Christmas event, Deck the Hall, Elizabeth and Roy are thinking of the business’s future finances. At a staff meeting convened to brainstorm ideas, volunteer guide Bert Fry comes up with an inspired idea for a new exhibit. 

Finally, Lilian is feeling very low following discoveries she’s made about Matt. He maintains that he bears no responsibility for recent events but, after a little detective work, Lilian is less than convinced. Alone, upset and needing to talk, she is forced into a big decision from which there is no going back… 



Emma faces a quandary and Fallon's news is out. 


Lilian is feeling low and Roy keeps his fingers crossed. 


There are high hopes for the Primestock Show - until David lets the secret out. 


Lilian makes her choice and Mike is getting breathless. 


Jazzer is dejected and Bert has a good idea. 


Matt makes a heartfelt plea, while Eddie offers his support.