Emmerdale spoilers: Jeff Hordley - "Moira is Cain's therapist - both mental and sexual!"

Find out what happens between the amorous pair in next week's episodes

Emmerdale spoilers: Jeff Hordley - "Moira is Cain's therapist - both mental and sexual!"
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It would be natural to think that Emmerdale’s Moira would want to steer well clear of Cain Dingle after all the trouble he caused the Barton family. But despite the fact that Moira’s original affair led to recrimination in her marriage to the now dearly departed John, it seems that she can’t resist Cain’s charms. So what can we expect from the pair’s latest relationship? Actor Jeff Hordley reveals all: 

Do you think Cain regrets how it turned out with Moira the first time?
He was in a really bad place at that time. Charity had finished with him, he started to lose it with Zak, he started to lose it with Jai – so when the Bartons came along, especially Moira, it was just him toying with her. 

If things progress between him and Moira this time around, then I think he’s going to regret the way he treated her then. But one of the key things between Cain and Moira is that they must be pretty hot in bed. ‘Compatible’ is the word! So that’s the spark that ignites the romance between them. 

So is this new relationship a distraction from Cain getting revenge on Cameron?
Well, I think it’s more to do with him having had a really terrible year, what with Zak attacking him and the scar. Coming to terms with that has really taken the wind out of his sails. And I think he’s ready for meeting someone again and that’s why he’s seeing Moira. There’s an attraction there already and I think he’s reacting to impulses that are back in his body now that he’s feeling better. 

Yet next week we see Cain stand her up – why does he do that?
What happens is that he realises he needs to look after Debbie. He’s got to step up and be a good grandfather and look after the children for Debbie. Above all else at the moment, she’ll always be the number one priority. 

He thinks it’s nothing serious if he doesn’t turn up. But Moira sees him later in the café and she starts to play him at his own game. She says, “Oh, I wasn’t really bothered about meeting up anyway.” Which I think flips thing on their head for Cain and he starts to realise that his feelings for her are stronger than he’d like to think.

Do you think that’s the reason why he then goes to visit her on the farm?
He realises that he wants to see her and that he needs to be there. There’s such a lot of pressure at home, so she’s a safe haven for him. Plus there’s that chemistry between the two of them, so whenever they kiss, things start to happen and take over. 

Is it interesting then to see Cain back in a relationship?
From my character’s point of view, it’s always interesting when Cain opens up because then he becomes very human, but also very vulnerable, which is a dangerous place for him to be. Especially because it’s Moira and they have all this history between them. I mean, what’s Adam going to think of Moira getting together with this man who split their family up? That’s why he wants to keep the whole thing quiet – he knows it’s a potential nightmare for Moira. 

And what does Moira bring out in Cain? 
Well, she sees this chink in his armour and realises that he’s really bothered about the fact that his sister has done this terrible thing to his daughter. Moira sees that there’s a part of him that doesn’t want to be as cutthroat as he is. She opens him up and manages to prise it out of him. So Moira is Cain’s therapist – both mental and physical!