Viral videos of the week: Big Bang Theory, Fenton the dog and escalating tension

The five best internet clips shared in the past seven days, in a lovely presentation box just for you


1. Bazinga!
The studio audience at a taping of The Big Bang Theory last month got a nice surprise as the episode wrapped: instead of the cast performing the last shot, they and the crew got up and flashmob-danced to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.


The prank – which seems to catch showrunner Chuck Lorre and his senior staff unawares – was the brainchild of star Kaley Cuoco (that’s her with the blonde hair in the centre). But the punchline goes to Jim Parsons, calmly delivering the next line of dialogue as if nothing’s happened.

2. “He’s making progress!”
A clip that raises deep philosophical questions about life, death, and man’s eternal struggle for meaning. Can a drunk Japanese businessman get down a tube escalator that’s running upwards?

When this appeared, naysayers online said it must be staged, the guy must be winding everyone up. We don’t know or care. It starts funny and gets funnier.

3. Andrew! I know you!
Video prankster Andrew Hales roams around Mormon university Brigham Young in Utah, putting his hands over strangers’ eyes and saying: “Guess who?”

OK, so this is a bit creepy. Doing this to people you know is slightly creepy, so surprising women in a library definitely is. But the clip warms up when several victims play along as if Andrew’s a mate.

4. It’s Gustavo Almodovar!
Gustavo Almodovar, erstwhile reporter for Channel 9 Eyewitness News in Orange County, California, was afforded the honour of a YouTube compilation back in 2008. But only this week did his unique sign-off become an internet hit.

He is Gustavo Almodovar. Hear his song.

5. Not again, Fenton!
The top viral clip of last year resurfaces once more: following the spin-off book, here’s the co-opting of Fenton the dog by evil, faceless corporations trying to sell you a thing.


Some might say the inclusion of a commercial in this column means we were short of material this week. These people could not be more wrong. This is funny.