Welcome to Paradise: read ANOTHER early Prometheus screenplay…

Hot on the heels of Jon Spaihts's leaked Alien: Engineers script comes what is claimed to be Damon Lindelof's early draft of Ridley Scott's sci-fi blockbuster


Remember that downloadable early draft screenplay of Prometheus we told you about a couple of days ago? You know – the one by Jon Spaihts called Alien: Engineers, which was choc-full of facehuggers, alternative dialogue and extra scenes, and which reportedly got chopped to pieces by Damon Lindelof when he re-wrote the script?


Well, now you can read an early version of what’s thought to be Lindelof’s Prometheus script too (download it here), which the good people at Collider have unearthed for our collective nit-picking pleasure.

It’s called Paradise and is a far more engaging read than Spaihts’s screenplay, despite Lindelof’s overuse of caps and fondness for scripting Batman-style sound effects (“she RUNS FIFIELD’S HEAD UNDER THE TIRES WITH A SICKENING SKLLLLISH”).

Though Lindelof hasn’t confirmed that the script is his, this screenplay resembles the finished Prometheus much more closely than Alien: Engineers and includes some of the viral videos and deleted scenes which appeared on the Prometheus Blu-ray.

If you fancy chatting with other Alien fans about this latest script, there’s a very lively thread on AVPGalaxy.


But if you’ve had your fill of screenplays for the week, why not kick back and enjoy the Prometheus trailer again?