Saintly Come Dancing: Russell Grant and Ann Widdecombe become angels for Children in Need

Strictly's two fondly-remembered alumni have returned to the dance floor for this Friday's BBC charity appeal - here's the pictures to prove it...


Russell Grant and Ann Widdecombe, Strictly Come Dancing’s two most graceful alumni (well, after John Sergeant), are making comeback appearances on the quick-stepping talent contest this Friday for Children in Need.


Though this time around they’ve forsaken their cannons and Big Bird costumes and will instead appear as a pair of angels, who’ll be whisked about the set hither and yon on wires as part of a dance routine with Strictly pros Anton Du Beke and Flavia Cacace.

That’s them in the background here:


Though they won’t spend their entire evening dangling around like a pair of overfed turtle doves on the branches of a Christmas tree. Oh no. Russell and Anne are also going to be showcasing some of their (in)famous moves – and in Russell’s case, he’ll prove that he’s a devil in disguise:


Former MP Anne will delight viewers with a nod to her notorious Strictly samba routine, not so much being swept off her feet by Anton as being swept along by his:


She’ll seemingly seize the opportunity to get in a quick 40 winks mid-dance too:


The routine promises a positively apocalyptic climax with the two couples, one symbolising the forces of heaven, the other hell, recreating the final battle between good and evil on the dance-floor:


But what do the judges make of it all…?


Ann and Russell’s Strictly dance will be screened as part of Children in Need, which begins at 7:30pm this Friday on BBC1.