Help! We need your footage, not just any footage…

A production company is seeking Beatles fans' film footage, photos, recordings and stories for a new project called Beatles Live!


If you’re a Beatles fan who took some snaps of the band back in the day, bootlegged the odd concert or maybe captured their antics on super 8, then you just might be able to help out with the making of a new film about the Fab Four.


The Beatles Live! is a new Apple-approved project which aims to combine footage, music, interviews and stories into a “visceral” feature film about Beatlemania, concentrating on the period between October 1963 and the group’s August 1966 concert in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park stadium.

Production company OVOW has been getting in touch with TV and radio stations around the world in the hunt for as-yet-unaired Beatles material, and the film-makers are now seeking any hidden gems that might be lurking in the attics or basements of Fabs fans.

If you’ve got any Beatles-based bits and bobs that fit the bill, you can submit them to the Bealtes Live! website, where you can also find advice about how to prepare your archive footage for the project. Additionally, anyone who attended a Beatles concert during the ‘60s is invited to share their tales at the site too.

“Were you there? Were your parents there? Your grandparents?” asks a post on the official Beatles Facebook page. “Now, fans from all over the world can become a true part of Beatles history by contributing their original footage, photos, or audio recordings of The Beatles in concert.“


Here’s a video about the project: