I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! The Best Bushtucker Trials

There's a rumble in the jungle... Helen Flanagan, Colin Baker, Nadine Norries, Ashley Roberts and company are off to camp. But what might be in store for them in the coming weeks?

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! The Best Bushtucker Trials
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Ivana Sidey

They have had us all giggling, gagging, screaming and squirming from the very first Bushtucker Trial back in 2002.  So, as the latest bunch of "stars" begin their time in the camp, here are the top ten bona fide best bushtucker trials of all time... in all their glory.  It’s enough to give you jungle fever...

Jennie Bond

10) Down Under – Jennie Bond (2004)

First up Jennie Bond, was ‘buried alive’ in a coffin filled with water and rats. Nothing fazed the ex-BBC Royal correspondent, though, and she spent the entire ten minutes humming her way through the ordeal. Rat’s the way to do it!

9) House of Pies – Brian Harvey (2004)

Former East 17 singer Brian Harvey got stuck into the jungle’s most malicious meal. He had to find the stars hidden in 10 pies, using only his face – in a chamber full of millions of flies.  As it was a trial, this wasn’t enough, and some of the pies were filled with bushtucker classics such as mealworms and green ants. 

8) Scare-e-Oke – Myleene Klass (2006)

Myleene had to face a less glamorous jungle shower, and sing for her supper while being covered in fish guts, cockroaches and crickets. She gallantly crooned away to tracks by The Bee Gees, The Spice Girls, and Britney.

Matt Willis

7) Bushtucker Bonanza – Matt Willis

There have been lots of food trials seen on the show, but former Buster singer Matt Willis got the bum deal when he had to eat a kangaroo anus to win a luxury meal for his fellow camp mates. 

Dean Gaffney

6) Jungle spa – Dean Gaffney (2006)

Ex-EastEnder Dean Gaffney turned out to be one of the most memorable contestants of all time. His distressing session in the I'm a Celeb spa was matched by his determination to carry on despite being covered in bugs. 

I'm a celebrity

5) Celebrity Cyclone - Dom Joly, Stacey Solomon, Jenny Éclair, Kyla Collins and Shaun Ryder (2010)

Every year the watery trial is awash with stars.  But 2010 provided comedy gold from four celebrities caught up in a flurry of fun.

4) Fill Your Face – Extreme – Fatima Whitbread and Pat Sharp (2011)

Former Olympian Fatima Whitbread had numerous creepy crawlies poured into a Perspex helmet - a concoction that included 7,500 cockroaches! The trial became extreme when one of the cockroaches crawled up her nasal passage and had to be syringed out by a medic. 

3) Highway to Hell – Carole Thatcher (2005)

Carol had to drive a specially built car along a high-wire roadway suspended over a terrifying 100ft drop to claim the strategically placed stars.  Most memorable was her commentary: “Look, I warned you I didn’t have a driving licence.” 

2) Hell Holes – Paul Burrell (2004)

The former Royal butler screamed and squealed his way through the task, where he had to delve into a rock face full of creatures to retrieve his stars. “Move over darling” didn’t have much effect upon the fearsome rats. 

Watch Paul's hellish trial here

1) Horrords – Sinitta (2011)

Sinitta wasn’t macho enough for the jungle, least of all for this memorable live trial where she had to collect stars from critters in the bush's infamous store.

And one more we couldn't ignore...

Aquatic Strife - Gillian McKeith (2010)

No line up would be complete without mentioning Gillian’s memorable performances. When she wasn’t fainting, the nutritionist completed a grand total of seven trials back in 2010.  This watery one saw her achieve a personal best score of four stars from a huge water tank filled with crocodiles and yabbies. 

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