Jurassic Park 3D poster revealed

OK, the poster itself's not 3D, but it is big and shiny and we do have the 2D trailer for you to watch too...


So here it is, the first teaser poster for the upcoming 3D version of Steven Spielberg’s seminal dinosaur movie Jurassic Park. True, the poster itself is not in 3D, but look at those gates – they’re BIG like they’ll be in the IMAX version (which is set to be released at the same time as the 3D movie). Anyway, this is all about ramping up the excitement for dinosaur fans looking forward to the day they finally do get to see those giant prehistoric monsters in all their three-dimensional glory.


That happens on April 5 2013, Jurassic Park’s 20th anniversary. If you’re too young to have seen the film back then and have somehow avoided it ever since – or if you just fancy a timely reminder – scroll down to read our review and watch the original trailer…


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And watch the trailer below…