US election 2012: play Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney – the video game

Frustrated you don't have a vote in the American election? Like political beat 'em up computer games? You've come to the right place to alleviate your frustrations...


From New England to Hawaii, today the American people are exercising their democratic right and choosing between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States.  What are you doing – sitting in front of a computer waiting for the results to start coming in on the telly?


Well, you may not have a vote – but you can still play an (un)important role in the election of the leader of the free world.  Yes, that’s right – it’s time to take sides, don your (electronic) boxing gloves and kick some serious political butt in the ring. 

It may not change the result in Florida or Ohio, and almost certainly won’t lead to a hanging chad (if you’re careful) – but you’ll doubtless enjoy yourself trying.

Happy political fistycuffs…


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