Soap pick of the day: EastEnders – Phil gives Sharon an engagement ring

Will the Mitchells' bid to impress social services pay off?


A visit from the fostering assessment social worker results in all the stops being pulled out. Billy buys a bread maker and fresh flowers, while Phil slips an engagement ring onto Sharon’s finger. 


And yes, you heard that right, Phil is now going for foster care of Lexi instead of residency as he feels that it gives him a better chance of winning the case. 

Not that Rick from social services is going to be won over so easily. After probing Phil about Ben pleading guilty to manslaughter, the Mitchell patriarch quickly makes his excuses and leaves the room. 

Sharon follows Phil into the kitchen and reminds him that they are doing this for his granddaughter. As the questions continue back in the living room, Sharon assures Rick that, although they may not be perfect, they are loving parents: “As far as kids are concerned, we’ll go to the ends of the earth for them,” she says.


Later, Rick joins Phil in the Vic to discuss his businesses when Jack reveals that he knows the guy from his old job in the police force. Sharon urges him to put in a good word, but a reluctant Jack is left incensed when Rick mentions how well suited he thinks Sharon and Phil are. Will Jack be able to put his jealousy to one side and support his girlfriend?


EastEnders is on tonight at 7.30pm on BBC1