Emmerdale spoilers: Cain punches Cameron - pics and preview

Actor Dominic Power reveals all about next week's dramatic events

Emmerdale spoilers: Cain punches Cameron - pics and preview
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Ever since his affair with Chas became public knowledge, Cameron has had the mark of Cain upon him. 

Now, Cain isn’t a man renowned for letting matters drop, so is Cameron a worried man? 

“He’s not necessarily scared of Cain,” says Dominic Power, who plays Cameron, “but just wants whatever it is he’s going to do to be over and done with. At the moment, he’s not sleeping and he’s drinking too much coffee and whiskey. He’s a shadow of his former self.” 

Next week, the ante is upped after Debbie makes a prison visit and learns that Chas and Cameron were planning on leaving together. The fact that Cameron loves Chas and not her comes as quite a surprise: 

“He’s loyal to Chas,” Power admits. “They’ve all they’ve got for each other now. She has to get out of prison as far as he’s concerned. If he puts himself in the frame, then he is up for murder, which will mean a life sentence for Cameron. Chas could get away with self defence and get off – that’s what he’s hoping for.” 

In the short term though, Cameron must deal with a reprisal from Cain, who goes from homicidal stares to throwing punches. 

After falling to the ground, Cain drags Cameron to the garage and is unnerved by the man’s calmness as he looms over him. So why does Cameron refuse to beg for mercy? 

“Well, he just wants it over and done with. He knows there’s going to be a comeuppance and it’s just a matter of when. He’d rather it were sooner rather than later, so he can move on and have one less thing to worry about.” 

But will Cain honour his promise to Debbie that he won’t hurt Cameron? Find out in next week’s episodes of Emmerdale.