I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2012: Who’s going into the jungle?

From Corrie's Helen Flanagan and Tory MP Nadine Dorries to Kate Middleton's cousin and Doctor Who - here's our round-up of all the rumoured contestants for this year's reality show...


Who: Helen Flanagan
Famous for: 12 years as Coronation Street’s gobby glamour-puss Rosie Webster. 
Who’s talking about it? The papers are taking Helen’s trip down under as a given, with the Daily Mail calling her the “new Queen of the Jungle”. 
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 5/5.  After THAT Myleene Klass’ jungle shower scene and the presenter’s subsequent success – plus Helen’s penchant for raunchy photo shoots and revealing Twitter pictures – it seems likely that she, and her two most famous assests, would want to follow in Myleene’s footsteps to give her post-Corrie career a much needed boost…


Who: Charlie Brooks
Famous for: Playing scheming (and murdering) Janine in EastEnders.  
Who’s talking about it? A source told The Metro that: “Charlie is a real coup for them [the shows’ producers]. She has been on TV since she was young and they’re looking forward to the public seeing what she’s really like.”
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 4/5. She wouldn’t be the first soap star to venture into the outback, and Charlie is currently on a 6-month break from EastEnders, so the timings definitely match up… 


Who: Ricky Groves. 
Famous for: The nine years he played EastEnders mechanic Garry Hobbs.
Who is talking about it? The Sun say the star is “keen to head to Australia”. 
RadioTimes.com likelihood verdict: 3/5.  Ricky hasn’t been one to shy away from reality TV – he’s already got Strictly Come Dancing, Celebrity MasterChef and Coach Trip under his belt…  Plus I’m a Celebrity has proved to be a brilliant platform for former soap-stars in the past. Anyone remember 2008 winner Joe Swash?


Who: Maria Fowler
Famous for: Flashing her flesh as a former page 3 girl, starring in The Only Way is Essex and having her very own brand of fake tan…
Who’s talking about it? The Mirror have reprinted the star’s tweets that she would “indeed” fancy a trip to the jungle. 
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 5/5.  Two words: Mark Wright. His American take-over may have been a bit of a flop, but no self respecting ex-TOWIE star could resist following in his footsteps. 


Who: Hugo Taylor
Famous for: Long dramatic pauses and making a drama out of a crisis on reality drama show, Made in Chelsea.
Who’s talking about it? An ‘insider’ has told The Sun: “Hugo is good looking and sexy — just what we want to help pull in female viewers. And, of course, if he chooses to reveal secrets about all of his posh mates then so much the better.”
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 5/5.  We thought Hugo was tired of reality TV and off to pursue a serious acting career in LA – but maybe seeing best pal Spencer Mathews’ on The Bachelor has changed his mind? He also recently tweeted: “Leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again….. Well I do actually, December. But none the less. See u all soon. Peace. Xx” – which looks a bit like proof to us.  


Who: Eric Bristow MBE
Famous for: Being five-time world darts champion in the 1980s and a regular on teatime quiz show Bullseye
Who’s talking about it? Numerous papers have reported that The Crafty Cockney has “signed up” for a stint in the jungle. Talking about Bristow and another rumoured contestant Linda Robson, a source told the Metro “Eric and Linda are great fun and they can’t wait to get stuck into the jungle shenanigans. They know they’ll have to eat all sorts of horrible things but they’re up for the challenge.”
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 4/5.  A former sports star entering the jungle… sounds like a fairly safe bet to us.


Who: Linda Robson
Famous For: Playing Tracey in BBC sitcom Bird’s of a Feather as well as being a regular guest on lunchtime panel show Loose Women 
Who’s talking about it? Just about everyone has reported that Robson is “strongly rumoured” to be touching down in Oz in the near future…
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 4/5.  The final episode of Birds of a Feather aired in 1998, and considering that Robson hasn’t done much on the telly since, some would argue that she doesn’t have much to lose. She also whet her reality TV appetitite by getting to the semi-finals of Celebrity MasterChef a couple of years ago… 


Who: Rosemary Shrager
Famous for: The TV chef is most recognisable as a teacher on Ladette to Lady and appearing on Soapstar Superchef
Who’s talking about it?
According to Heat magazine, Rosemary Shrager will be “the one who gets mad about who does the cooking”
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 3/5 Brash and bossy Rosemary is at home in the world of reality TV – and we can see her providing some good entertainment in the depths of the Australian jungle…


Who: Brian Conley
Famous for: Being the most highly paid television personality during the 90s, as well as hosting numerous entertainment shows and appearing in countless plays and pantomimes 
Who’s talking about it? The Daily Star says: “TV chiefs have invited him to appear on the show several years in a row but he has always refused until now. He said: “I asked Ant and Dec if they’d advise me to do it and they said ‘Don’t’.” But now Conley has ignored their advice and had a change of heart.”
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 5/5. We can’t think of a reason why he wouldn’t. Plus the series will be over before Christmas so the perpetual panto star might even have time to squeeze in another performance as Buttons if all else fails. 


Who: Colin Baker
Famous for: Being the curly-haired sixth incarnation of Doctor Who during the 80s
Who’s talking about it? His name has cropped up in quite a few publications, but no one seems overly excited by the prospect of the ex-timelord turning up in the jungle… 
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 3/5. We’re not sure why the 69-year-old actor would want to venture into the I’m a Celeb jungle… but if he did he could at least rely on the votes of dedicated Doctor Who fans. 


Who: Ashley Roberts
Famous for: Singing and dancing alongside Nicole Scherzinger in US pop group The Pussycat Dolls
Who’s talking about it? A ‘source’ has been whispering in The Sun’s ear: “Ashley is feisty and fun, but above all sexy. The jungle nonsense won’t faze her.”
RadioTimes.com likelihood verdict: 4/5. I’m a Celeb bosses will be keen to fill the eye candy quota ahead of those waterfall showers, and Ashley is a likely candidate to compete with her former band mate for the British tabloid column inches… 


Who: Trinny and Susannah
Famous for: Teaching British women how to dress themselves 
Who’s talking about it? A source told the Sun: ”It will be great watching Trinny and Susannah trying to slum it in the jungle. They are both strong and opinionated women and they’re bound to ruffle a lot of feathers. The pair will also have to do without their beloved fashionable threads. They’ll have to wear the same T-shirts and shorts as everyone else.”
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 3/5. Since they stepped out of the limelight Gok Wan has somewhat monopolised makeover TV so it’s about time the duo staged a comeback. Plus they do have a new fashion range for QVC that needs promoting…  


Who: Katrina Darling 
Famous for: Taking her clothes off – and being Kate Middleton’s cousin
Who’s talking about it? The Metro reckons the burlesque star is caught in the middle of a bidding war, saying: “Big wigs at ITV are prepared to go all-out to secure the Playboy model a spot on I’m A Celebrity and Channel 5 are lining her up for CBB.” A source has also told the Daily Star that “Kate might not be happy but you can bet she and the other royals will tune in”…
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 4/5. There’s no denying the 22-year-old exhibitionist would be TV and tabloid headline gold. Whether she ends up on I’m a Celeb or Big Brother, chances are she’ll be a reality TV star in no time…  


Who: Grace Jones
Famous for:
Her singing and outrageous performing, but the long-limbed model is also known for her expert hula-hoop abilities…
Who’s talking about it?
First rumoured by the Sun to be on the guest list following her “mesmerising” Diamond Jubilee performance – “she’ll power through those Bushtucker trials like nobody’s business!”
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 2/5.
Jungle life may prove too much for the 64-year-old diva. But if her past appearances on live television are anything to go by (she once face-slapped chat show host Russell Harty), show execs will be rubbing their hands together with glee if they manage to snag her


Who? David Haye
Famous for: The former WBA heavyweight boxing champion has put his impending retirement on hold in the hope of fighting old rival Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko.
Who’s talking about it? The Daily Mail have persistently hinted at the 32-year-old’s intention to limber up for a bout with the jungle’s creepy crawlies.
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 4/5. Haye painted the town red on a night out in London yesterday – perhaps drinking in his last moments of freedom before he sets off Down Under?


Who: Rebecca Adlington
Famous for: Winning Bronze at this summer’s Olympics
Who’s talking about it? MTV have revealed “Following our summer of sport, the show’s producers were apparently hoping to secure the services of an Olympic athlete or two…”
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 1/5. She may be twiddling her thumbs now the Olympics are over, but surely she could do much better than I’m a Celebrity… Though, if she did venture down under, she would at least be safe when it came to any watery bush tucker trails. 


Who: Nadine Dorries
Famous for: Dorries is Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire
Who is talking about it? Everyone. Even the Home Secretary Theresa May has shared her opinion…
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 5/5. It seems like Dorries’ journey down under is definitely on the cards. Rumour has it she’s already there. The question on everyone’s lips is should a serving MP like Nadine Dorries go on I’m a Celebrity?