Conrad Black tells Sky News’s Adam Boulton to “stop being a jackass” – video

Former Telegraph owner and convicted fraudster gives yet another hilariously combative interview on British TV


Fresh from his three-year stretch in a Miami prison for defrauding investors and obstructing the course of justice, former Daily Telegraph owner Conrad Black has starred in yet another must-see British TV interview. Appearing less than an hour ago on Sky News’s Boulton & Co, Black denied any wrongdoing, openly rolling his eyes at host Adam Boulton’s questions and, some way into the encounter, asking to whom he was speaking.


“Stop being a jackass,” said Black to Boulton, adding that his appearance was motivated purely by a desire to promote his new memoir A Matter of Principle, which details his long legal struggle in the US. 

“I’m selling books,” Black said. “I’m not here to enjoy your somewhat predictable questions… did you read [the book]? Did you like it?”

“It’s my job to read your book,” Boulton answered.

Black has somewhat surprisingly agreed to appear this week on BBC1 satirical quiz Have I Got News for You. Asked by Boulton if he was concerned about being made a figure of fun, Black replied: “We’ll see who makes whom a figure of fun… I normally don’t do too badly exchanging acerbities.”

Indeed not. See Black v Boulton in full below.

Also: last night, Black appeared on Newsnight, where he didn’t take kindly to Jeremy Paxman calling him a crook…