Merlin series five, episode 2 – preview pictures and video

King Arthur and the future of Camelot is in danger in Arthur's Bane part 2...


To the delight of fans, series five of Merlin returned to our screens on Saturday. 


Since the marriage of Arthur and Gwen at the end of series four, Camelot has had a period of peace and prosperity, but now Arthur’s life and the future of Camelot and Albion is at risk. 

Morgana has grown into a stronger, more committed enemy. She has captured two of Arthur’s men and is searching for the Diamair – the key to all knowledge – with which she hopes to be able to outsmart Arthur.

The ancient prophecy that Arthur will die at Mordred’s hands starts preying on Merlin’s mind when he sees a vision of Arthur’s demise before the man himself reappears, now allied with Morgana and the druid sorcerer Ruadan.

Meanwhile, in Camelot, Gwen finds out that her new maid is the daughter of Ruadan and has been leaking information to Morgana. The newly-hardened queen then sentences the young girl to death.

But will Gwen change her mind? Is Arthur’s end really nigh? And will Morgana find the Diamair?

Tune in on Saturday to find out… 


Watch a preview of Saturday’s episode: