Kenny Everett: the Twitter reaction

There was an overwhelmingly positive response from the Twittersphere for BBC4's Best Possible Taste: the Kenny Everett Story


Last night BBC4 paid tribute to Kenny Everett – the late, great DJ and comedian who lit up TV screens and newspaper column inches in the 70s and 80s before dying of an Aids-related illness in 1995. The talisman in the channel’s schedule was Best Possible Taste: the Kenny Everett Story, a biopic of the entertainer starring Oliver Lansley and Katherine Kelly. Boy did Twitter rave. An outpouring of applause followed the 9pm screening, with tweeters praising the acting of the drama’s leading duo, as well as relaying gratitude to the station for producing the drama…


John Patrick Vincent kicked off the plaudits with:

@jakehewkin was in full agreement, praising the high standard of the drama:

The drama prompted an emotional response from Everett’s many fans – Keith Hetherington mourned the loss suffered by the British entertainment industry…

Meanwhile it was waterworks for Laurie Hooper.

Graham Bentley’s tears were of a jollier variety:

And Andy McColl drew comparisons with ITV’s Jimmy Savile exposé…

Moving onto the drama’s leading man, Oliver Lansley earned rave reviews for his uncanny portrayal of Everett. 

Andy Metcalfe piled on the praise…

While @ionarees admitted her expectations had been exceeded: 

Kal Singh Dhindsa took note of the uncanny resemblance between Lansley and Everett.

And Cameron Yarde Jnr predicted great things for the young actor…

Following that barrage of poistive reactions, the man himself took to Twitter to thank tweeters:

While Lucy Keen used the Oxford English Dictionary’s finest vocabulary to share her thoughts…

BBC4 chiefs are sure to have cracked open the champagne following tweeters’ praise of the station’s work. @GothboyUK announced:

But the success of the biopic sparked a Twitter debate over the channel’s decision not to produce any more original drama due to BBC budget cuts. Tom Latchem was one of many to vent his frustration: 

Meanwhile, Everett’s former wife Lee Everett Alkin, who was interviewed by Radio Times ahead of last night’s screening, embarked upon a flurry of Twitter activity in response to the programme. She tweeted her gratitude for the outpouring of support, both for her late ex-husband and the actors portaying their relationship…

Here at we like to present two sides of an argument, but with the near-unanimous applause it proved pretty tricky to find a single negative tweet. Fear not, we dug out our detective hats and found a couple of complaints but any grumblings were overwhelmingly in the minority. Newell Hampson-Jones bemoaned the biopic for not meeting his lofty expectations:

While Steve Newton withstood 35 minutes of Katherine Kelly’s acting before changing the channel:

But why end with negative comments when Best Possible Taste was so well received? Instead, the final word goes to @lynnedjones’s adjective-tastic response:


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