The Paradise, The Valleys and The Great British Bake Off – the Twitter reaction

We bring you the Twittersphere's thoughts on last night's most talked-about television shows




The first episode of BBC1’s The Paradise aired last night – and more than 5 million of us tuned in to get our period drama fix. The first episode saw Denise leave her rural home to find work in the city. (It is written by the scribe of Lark Rise to Candleford if you thought that sounded familiar…) 

With fab costumes, impressive sets and a gripping romance, many viewers thought there was nothing not to love! Our very own TV editor Alison Graham certainly gave it a firm thumbs up: 

But not everyone was impressed by the department store drama. Tweeter John Highfield said: 

While others were a little disappointed by its meandering pace…

The Paradise has been described as ‘Lark Rise goes shopping’ and some viewers were quick to note their similarities…

While Michael Cregan decided that he could never take The Paradise – or any other period drama for that matter – seriously: 



MTV has cashed in on the success of reality TV show Geordie Shore and done it again. This new series is set in Wales and it’s content – which ranges from controversial to downright disgusting – is likely to divide viewers. It premiered last night to mixed reviews… 

Towie’s Maria Fowler, whose Twitter tagline proudly states “Queen of the Talentless”, admitted taking a liking to the stars of The Valleys.

Fans were few and far between, but Aled Phillips was another tweeter who admitted to enjoying the show…

Some hard-core Geordie Shore fans stuck by the original MTV programme… 

… while others were just repulsed by the very concept. 

Showbiz writer Dan Wooton was among the shocked and amazed viewers: 

While this poor viewer was regretting recommending it to her mum. 

(It’s definitely not appropriate parental viewing…)



Last night’s Bake Off saw not one, but two bakers being sent home. With misshapen doughnuts, raw loaves and bland buns, there was plenty of culinary drama – and Twitter was awash with tweets about the Bake Off…

Even one of the bakers himself took to Twitter:

Shouldn’t he be in the kitchen?!

While music critic Pete Paphides noted that whatever Paul says about a bake seems to have very little to do with how much he eats of it…

But most of the Bake Off chat on Twitter had very little to do with baking. Lot’s of viewers noticed a spark between contestant Katherine and judge Paul Hollywood…

While these viewers were just distracted by Mary’s fashionable, floral attire…

Baker James was clearly something of a distraction for this tweeter: 

Interested James?

And this viewer made an interesting – if slightly off topic – observation…


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