Films on TV Tonight, Thursday 20 September

Some early evening entertainment from Coraline and Houseboat before bobsled time in Cool Runnings, followed by Ip Man, Lolita and Reds

Films on TV Tonight, Thursday 20 September
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Coraline – 7:00pm, Film4

Stop-motion animation starring Dakota Fanning as the voice of Coraline Jones – a bored youngster who finds an escape from her dull life when a secret door leads to an exciting parallel world.

Houseboat – 7:00pm, Sky Movies Classics

Romantic comedy boasting a Cary Grant/Sophia Loren dream team. An Italian socialite rebels against her family and seeks work as a maid for a widowed father of three who she secretly falls in love with.

Cool Runnings – 8:00pm, ITV2

"Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme – it’s bobsled time!" When a Jamaican sprinter fails to qualify for his Olympic team, he changes tactics and forms the nation’s first ever bobsleigh team.

Ip Man – 9:00pm, Film4

A talented Chinese martial artist makes an impression on the occupying Japanese military when he appears in a brutal fighting tournament, leading him into conflict with a powerful colonel.

Lolita – 1:15am, Film4

Jeremy Irons, Melanie Griffith and Frank Langella star in this adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial novel about a middle-aged academic who marries a widow to get closer to her teenage daughter. When his wife dies, the pair embark on a twisted sexual relationship.

Reds – 1:20am, Sky Movies Modern Greats

Oscar-winning drama brimming with big names (Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson to name a few), about the life of American journalist and activist John Reed and his first-hand account of the 1917 Russian Revolution.