Films on TV Today, Saturday 15 September

Treat yourself to an afternoon of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday before Transformers, Wyatt Earp, Insomnia and The Exorcist


The Vikings – 4:30pm, 5USA


Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, Ernest Borgnine and Janet Leigh star in this epic period adventure about a Norse warrior embroiled in a feud with a former slave over the succession to the Northumbrian throne.

Roman Holiday – 4:55pm, Film4

An iconic Audrey Hepburn film about a princess who grows weary with her tour of Europe and ditches her entourage in exchange for a Roman adventure, unaware that her guide is an American newspaper reporter hoping for a scoop.

Transformers – 5:40pm, Channel 4           

Michael Bay’s blockbuster sci-fi adventure starring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel. Teenager Sam Witwicky’s first car turns out to be an alien scout, involving him in a long-running intergalactic war between giant shape-changing robots.

Wyatt Earp – 6:25pm, Channel 5

A star-studded cast of Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, Catherine O’Hara and Gene Hackman feature in this Western, following the life of legendary lawman, Wyatt Earp.

Insomnia – 9:00pm, Sky1

Funnyman Robin Williams turns creepy in this Christopher Nolan-directed thriller about a detective sent to Alaska to investigate a murder during a month of 24-hour daylight and ensuing insomnia.

The Exorcist – 11:35pm, ITV4


William Friedkin’s iconic horror flick about a girl possessed by a demonic spirit leading her mother to seek help from a local priest and veteran exorcist.