Benedict Cumberbatch reenacts The Reichenbach Fall… from 15,000 feet

Thought the Sherlock season two finale featured a big drop? Find out what happened when the actor swapped a high-rise building for an aeroplane...


His star may be on the rise but Benedict Cumberbatch is falling – literally – thousands of feet to the ground. Perhaps taking inspiration from Sherlock’s series two finale, The Reichenbach Fall, the actor has launched himself out of a plane at 15,000ft. But devoted fans need not fear, our beloved Sherlock actor’s jump with Skydive Paradise in Queenstown, New Zealand was done in tandem with an experienced parachuter whose extra long arms provided us with an excellent selection of photographic evidence. 


It remains to be seen what fans used to Benedict’s slick suited-and-booted attire in both Sherlock and latest BBC drama Parade’s End will make of the fetching frap hat and goggles he sports in these photos. 

And anyone wondering whether Sherlock loses his cool at 15,000ft should take one look at this face…

Ooh look, there it is again… Hi Benedict!


Phoar, it’s a long way down – great goggles, by the way… 


What a view! Radio Times HQ is getting rather excited about the New Zealand views in that Hobbit film you’re in, Benedict!


Modelling the vertical pose. That parachute guy has mighty long arms… 


Here’s Benny C doing his best Hobbit impression, with a ginormous head and teeny tiny body… 


Happy Cumberbatch looking rather chuffed with himself…  


Safely back on the ground (phew!) with something resembling a giant turtle next to him…


Benedict regains some of that dashing composure we know and love as he smoulders into the lens (lucky lady… )


And one final thumbs up for the camera – Benedict Cumberbatch, we salute you.


Benedict’s skydive was with New Zealand-based Skydive Paradise offering dives from 15,000ft and 12,000ft over stunning scenery. Check out their website here


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