New Homeland-style terrorism drama on the way from House writer

Double Felix follows the story of a family man who might have been involved in a terror attack


A family man may or may not be involved in a terrorist plot. Fans of Homeland (pictured above) could be forgiven for thinking that this sounds rather familiar. But that’s the initial outline of a new ABC series.


Double Felix has been sold to Disney-owned US network and will be written by House writer and story editor Pamela Davis, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although comparisons to Homeland (which returns to Channel 4 this autumn) are inevitable, the series appears to be approaching the subject of terrorism from a slightly different angle. The main character will suffer from severe memory loss, and the series will follow him trying to cope with a traumatic brain injury.

Davis is also a writer-and producer on USA Network’s Common Law, and has also contributed to series Miami Medical and Flashpoint.


The new terrorism-themed drama be executive produced by Davis, who will be working alongside ABC Studios and Junction Entertainment, the production company whose previous production projects have included Jericho and Harper’s Island.