Soap Spoilers! The week ahead in EastEnders, Corrie and Emmerdale…

26-31 August: Tommy's attempts to stand by Tyrone have far-reaching consequences in Coronation Street and Ashley endures a week of ups and downs in Emmerdale




The few people left who care about Jay, and there really are only a few, worry that he won’t leave the B&B, not even to visit his father’s grave. Scared of what people are saying and thinking – and terrified of bumping into Andrew – the only safe place is behind closed doors. Although, once Jay discovers Abi is back in the square he hopes to speak to her first to explain his side of things. Hope? In Albert Square?

Coronation Street

After Tommy’s misguided meddling last week, where he convinced Kirsty to go back to Tyrone, you might think he would keep his head down and stay out of other people’s relationships. But no. His attempts to stand by Tyrone once more have far reaching consequences, and no, not good ones. Meanwhile, Sunita finds a dubious way to fund Karl’s new money-making scheme; she really should know better.



For Ashley it is a week of ups and downs. The up comes when he believes there’s a chance of reuniting with Laurel, finally bringing the Thomas family back together. The down hits when Paddy announces to the Woolpack that Marlon and Laurel are an item. Ashley’s response? To calmly tell the children Mummy has a new boyfriend; that was presumably because he couldn’t find a bucket of salt to rub into his wound.