Lady Gaga to make big-screen debut in Machete Kills

Robert Rodriguez's sequel to 2010's Machete will feature Mama Monster herself, along with Sofía Vergara and Charlie Sheen

Lady Gaga to make big-screen debut in Machete Kills
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Machete Kills 2

Director Robert Rodriguez tweeted a photo last night telling the world that Lady Gaga will make her film debut in his upcoming movie Machete Kills. His tweet complimented Gaga's acting, saying that she "kicked SO MUCH ASS!" and that he was "Blown away!".

The poster shows Gaga dolled up as a character named La Chameleón. She's dressed in 1920s glamour with a, er, dead wolf wrapped around her, and she's holding a smoking gun. Details weren't given about what she'll be doing in the film, but from the looks of it Gaga's character will be sultry and seductive. 

Machete Kills is the sequel to Rodriguez's 2010 film Machete, in which Federale Machete (Danny Trejo) is hired to assassinate a senator. This time, Machete is hired by the President of the USA to take down a Mexican cartel leader who is threatening America.

Although there aren't a lot of details yet available, we do know that its cast boasts big names including Sofía Vergara and Mel Gibson - with Charlie Sheen rumoured to be playing the American President.

While Gaga is known for her dramatic acting in her music videos such as Bad Romance and Alejandro, she's yet to attempt a part on the big screen.

Machete Kills will be in cinemas next year.