Doctor Who – What did Karen Gillan do to John Barrowman’s kitchen counter?

Captain Jack interviews Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill at Comic-Con 2012 - but forget the Pond's exit, a more domestic mystery arises...


It’s probably fair to say that John Barrowman won’t be taking over from Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight any time soon judging by his interviewing skills – nonetheless this informal video chat, hot off the press from Comic-Con 2012, is still essential viewing for dyed-in-the-wool Doctor Who fans.


Not least because of a rather intriguing revelation about John Barrowman’s house in Cardiff which Karen Gillan rented from him for two years whilst filming the show.

“What happened to my counter?” asks the time travelling landlord, provoking an instant apology and laughter from Ms Gillan. So what did happen?

“Was it bread?” continues Barrowman. “We’re all trying to figure it out…” The plot thickens, but neither Karen nor John seem willing to expand on the mysterious damage to his kitchen work surface. Did Gillan get her security deposit back?

Well even if she did, it turns out Captain Jack has found a way to profit from the problem Karen left behind.

“It’s a selling point now! Anyone who comes in and says they’re interested in renting it – I say, well Karen Gillan, she messed up the counter. And they say, ‘from Doctor Who?’, leave it leave it…”

He concludes: “So you’ve done me a favour”.

What exactly Karen did, well that perhaps we’ll never know.  However, you can’t help but wish Barrowman had rented his house to the Tenth Doctor and similar shenanigans had occurred – that would have brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “bad Tennant”, eh? Boom, boom!

In the rest of the video, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill also talk about dealing with the “instant fame” that comes from being in the series, and share a few of their favourite moments at the “surreal” San Diego event so far.

Although they all remain tight lipped about the upcoming series seven of Doctor Who (expected in late August if Matt Smith’s comments at a panel yesterday are to be believed), both Karen and Arthur are keen to reiterate just how emotional the Pond’s exit from the programme will be.

Karen teases: “Basically there’s going to be five episodes – all of which are movie-scale epic things… and at the end of those five we are going to depart – and it’s a pretty amazing way to go.”

Added Arthur: “Yeah, get ready with a couple of boxes of tissues…”

Here’s the full video:

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