Chris Packham quotes David Bowie in Sound and Vision on Springwatch

See the presenter sneaking in a staggering 49 Bowie song titles into his commentary for the BBC wildlife show's 2012 series


As tempting as it is to try and fill this surrounding copy with David Bowie puns, Chris Packham’s already done the lot, as evinced by this video compilation of the Springwatch presenter reeling off 49 Bowie song titles during the wildlife show’s last series.


From easily-referenced targets like Changes through to more esoteric titles like Cygnet Committee, few if any of David Robert Jones’s best-known tunes eluded the rock-loving Packham during Springwatch’s 2012 run. See for yourself:

This isn’t the first year in which Packham’s made a raft of rock references during a series of Springwatch, though, as the presenter has extensively named song titles by The Cure, The Smiths and the Manic Street Preachers during previous series of the programme.

And apparently Packham’s co-hosts Michaela Strachan and Martin Hughes-Games are never privy to his jokes. In a recent interview he said: “It’s not something that’s planned. The show is live and not scripted. I don’t know what my co-presenters are going to say so I have to have the songs in my head and as we are talking I need to find a way to fit them in. 


“I chose David Bowie for the latest series because I thought he would apply to a slightly broader audience and he was a really early influence on me. My co-presenters didn’t have a clue what was going on, neither did the production team. They would just look at me strangely and that’s the joy of it.”