Star Trek 2 – first glimpse of a Klingon

A blurry image of a Klingon appeared behind director JJ Abrams during a skit at the MTV Movie Awards - but was it part of the movie?


JJ Abrams has consistently refused to confirm the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek bad guy and was pretty miffed when shots from the set of the upcoming sequel reboot were leaked in February.


But the director is as famous for teasing his audiences as he is for keeping secrets from them, which probably explains the glimpse he gave us of a Klingon at the weekend.

What looks very much like a member of the warlike alien race can be spotted on a monitor behind Abrams during an interview which formed part of a skit at the MTV Movie Awards.


Whether it’s a scene from the upcoming movie or a deliberate attempt to throw fans off the scent remains to be seen, but HitFix reports that a source inside the studio says its inclusion “was not an accident”.