Steven Moffat: “We’ve got nowhere with Sherlock series 3”

In fact, the Bafta winner hasn’t even finished writing the Doctor Who Christmas special yet…


Steven Moffat may have won a special Bafta for his “outstanding creative writing contribution to television” but he still hasn’t penned any of the new series of Sherlock


Speaking after last night’s ceremony, the Doctor Who showrunner and Sherlock co-creator said: “We have got nowhere with the new series of Sherlock. I’ve still got the Doctor Who Christmas special to shoot first. I haven’t finished it.” 

But fans of the two shows probably shouldn’t panic just yet – after all, The Moff still has six months to get the Doctor Who special in the can, while the air date of Sherlock remains suitably vague. “Sometime in 2013” is pretty much the gist at this stage.

We’ll even let Steven have a day off to celebrate his Bafta – presented to him last night by Sherlock and Doctor Who stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith – but then it’s back to work Mr Moffat – there are a lot of people depending on you…

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