Essential catch-up TV: Secret Millionaire, Lucy Worsley, Steve Carell, Dexys

Can't find anything to watch? Our picks from iPlayer and beyond will sort your evening's viewing

Essential catch-up TV: Secret Millionaire, Lucy Worsley, Steve Carell, Dexys
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1. Secret Millionaire 4oD
It's back! People still don't immediately say "this is Secret Millionaire, isn't it"! Theatre producer David King is the latest caviar-guzzler to visit a deprived area of Britain under cover before redistributing some of his wealth to the tireless, thwarted people there – a concept that becomes more piercingly topical every time this programme comes back for a new run. David is warned that this bit of south Leeds can be rough, something he startlingly discovers to be true, first-hand. But the final reveal is as tear-jerking as ever.

2. BBC Young Musician 2012 iPlayer
The prize is only awarded every other year and could signal the start of an illustrious career: 2004 winner Nicola Benedetti is about to be profiled on The South Bank Show. So it'd be a crime to miss the 2012 contest because it clashed with The Voice… dip into the semis, which include contestant profiles, before settling in for the two-hour final.

3. Dispatches 4oD
If your reaction to civil liberties infringements or possible breaches of privacy is a blasé "nothing to hide, nothing to fear", you need to see this investigation into how easily private detectives can get hold of – and then sell – your personal, health and financial details. Dispatches spent a year undercover to tell the story.

4. Antiques Uncovered iPlayer
A series that doesn't have a particularly strong hook, but doesn't require one as it's so well executed. New BBC history superstar Lucy Worsley and antiques nerd Mark Hill gad about examining objects, trading cheery scripted banter and expertly filling us in on what the trinkets tell us about the past. This would be quite enough informative fun, especially as the pair have visual motifs that recall cartoon superheroes: Worsley with her pixie build and hair clip, Hill with his specs and platinum side parting. But there are bonuses aplenty, including the chance to see how pewter bowls, diamonds and globes were made, by visiting craftspeople who still make them, and the pleasing habit of throwing in Roadshow-style valuations.

5. Metalworks! iPlayer
It's another quite specific BBC4 documentary series: three hours on metalworking's importance in British history. In fact it comprises very specific, stand-alone films, starting with a shiny appreciation by Dan Cruickshank of how silver adorned the tables of aristocrats in the 18th and 19th centuries. Episode three is a celebration of blacksmithery through the ages, but the stand-out is in the middle: a guide to the intricate suits of armour worn by Henry VIII and others, curated by Tobias Capwell, an expert and regular jouster who loves armour perhaps a little too much. The bit where he says he can feel the dismembered bits of an old suit seducing him is... disturbing.

Later Live… with Jools Holland iPlayer
Kevin Rowland brought Dexys to the Later studio last night to mark One Day I'm Going to Soar, their first album for 27 years. They closed the show, presumably with another song from the new- hang on, that violin intro is familiar. You'll hum this tune for ever…

Plus a movie…
Dan in Real Life iPlayer
Lovely indie romcom that's rarely talked about but is Steve Carell's best film. He is perfect as a sweet, spiky, grieving widower and dad who tests his relatives' patience during a family gathering, in many different ways. Corking supporting cast: Emily Blunt, that girl who was great as the cancer patient in In Treatment, Frasier's dad, and Juliette Binoche, miscast but still Juliette Binoche.

one on radio…
Extinct! iPlayer
Evolutionary biologist Adam Rutherford's new series explores the five separate occasions on which life on Earth was nearly wiped out altogether. Why? Aside from the inherent thrill of a massive disaster safely ensconced in ancient history - such as the event 202 million years ago, the geological evidence for which Rutherford tracks down - it's argued that such crises made the modern world possible, but also that another one might be closer than we'd like to think.

and one from the archive…
Absolutely 4oD
All four series! Hoorah!