Britain’s Got Talent grand final 2012: how the public voted

See how Ashleigh and Pudsey easily beat Jonathan and Charlotte to the win with our full voting stats breakdown


And so we have our winners – Ashleigh and Pudsey are officially the most talented people (well, person and dog) in the country.


But as the pair go off to buy 650,000 tins of Pedigree Chum (or similar) with their winnings, let’s take a look at just how close the race to be crowned variety champion of prime time ITV1 2012 was…

Well, in fact it wasn’t that close at all. Ashleigh and Pudsey dominated the public vote taking a whopping 39 per cent of all votes cast in the Britain’s Got Talent final.

Teenage pop-opera sensations, Jonathan and Charlotte, were some way behind in second place, attracting just 25.8 per cent of the vote despite a cracking performance, and an equally tear jerking back story.

Welsh 140-piece vocal harmony group, Only Boys Aloud, could only manage 15.8 per cent of the vote – so although they made the coveted final three… they were never in with a chance, it seems, of taking the title.

There was a big gap between the top three and the rest of the field – Loveable Rogues achieved fourth place with just 5.7 per cent of the public behind them, and Irish singer/songwriter/heart breaker Ryan O’Shaughnessy grabbed the fifth spot with a mere 4.8 per cent of premium rate telephonic love.

Essex-born vocal sensation Molly Rainford may have had “a dream come true” by being in the BGT final at just 11 years old, but just 2.8 per cent of voters were charmed enough by her to pledge their support, relegating Molly to sixth place in the hit parade. The Mend were hot on her heals taking seventh spot with 2.6 per cent of the vote.

Back flipping mini street dancers Nu Sxool got 1.2 per cent of the vote, securing eighth place, whilst Sam Kelly (1 per cent) and synchronised swimming foursome Aquabatique (0.9 per cent) also failed to get people’s digit fingers in action, finishing ninth and tenth respectively. 

Bottom of the pile were ballroom dancers Kai and Natalia, who despite an injury, plus sympathy and kind comments from the judges were firmly 11th place in the competition, garnering just 0.4 per cent of the public vote. 


The lesson to be learned from this smorgasbord of stats? It doesn’t matter how much talent you’ve got – if you’re up against a dancing dog at the top of its game, you might as well just stay at home…