Jarvis Cocker to present “nosy” late-night Radio 4 show

Wireless Nights will uncover what Britons get up to during the hours of darkness


Jarvis Cocker is to present a new late-night factual programme on BBC Radio 4.


Wireless Nights, to be aired next month, is described by the Pulp front man as “a nocturnal exploration of the human condition” and will examine the unusual night-time habits of ordinary people. “It’s a late-night thing, half an hour at 11pm,” Cocker told Radio Times. “Various people telling stories in their own words about what they get up to at night.”

Examples of those revealing their overnight activities include “a guy who likes to go up to his allotment and drink cans of beer while waiting to see if a badger comes out” and “people who gamble all night in slightly shady poker clubs”, Cocker said.

Cocker, who presents a Sunday-afternoon show on BBC 6 Music, said Wireless Nights interested him because “I’ve always been quite nosy.” He will provide links between the individual contributions: “I’m the glue that hopefully makes these strands adhere together.”


The singer’s previous Radio 4 credits include Desert Island Discs in 2005, a guest editorship of Today in 2008 and the 2011 documentary In Search of the Holy Whale.