Benedict Cumberbatch: “The Oscars is overwhelming”

But the Sherlock star says it's still about work, not glamour, for him…


Attending the Oscars is “overwhelming” and “extraordinary”, according to Benedict Cumberbatch.


“It’s extraordinary, just wonderful, to be invited to the party and feel like you belong to something as glamorous on any kind of a level. It’s still utterly overwhelming, extraordinarily sort of high-octane glamour,” admitted the Sherlock star during last night’s celebrations in Los Angeles.

But Cumberbatch made it clear that, for him, being at the Oscars was more about his career than any childhood wish fulfilment.

“I watched an interview with an actress this afternoon saying ‘Oh, I’d dreamt of this as a kid.’ But I never did, and to me it’s about work – it’s great that I’m here, but I’m here because I’m working,” he told ITV1’s Daybreak.

Yet even the man who plays the ice-cold detective so well couldn’t hide his excitement at rubbing shoulders with the stars – including some fans of Sherlock.

“The most extraordinary people who you’ve watched all your life are sitting in the seat next to you or wandering to get a drink, going, ‘Oh, I’ve just seen you in something’ – I cannot believe it. And then, lots of them have seen Sherlock, which is great!”

Cumberbatch attended last night’s 84th Academy Awards after starring in two nominated films, War Horse and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. They were up for best film and best adapted screenplay, respectively, but fell foul of the hugely successful The Artist and The Descendants.


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