Ridley Scott's Prometheus - new trailer released

Watch the latest - fabulously unsettling - sneak peek at the director's upcoming sci-fi thriller

Ridley Scott's Prometheus - new trailer released
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It may just be the booming chords - and all the screaming - but despite showing nothing particularly explicit, this latest trailer for Prometheus is pretty damn scary.

Ridley Scott's upcoming new movie is set in the same universe as his 1979 sci-fi horror classic Alien, although the director says it's not a sequel.

A spectacular cast includes Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce and our very own Idris Elba and Rafe Spall.

Prometheus is the story of a team of explorers who discover a clue to the origins of mankind. As you might expect, that leads them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. Oh, and when they get there they have to fight a terrifying battle for the future of the human race. 

Good luck to them, I say - judging by this trailer, they're going to need it...

Prometheus is released in the UK on 1 June.