Who do you want to see on Who Do You Think You Are?

With the latest series at an end, we're looking to the future...


Series eight of genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are? shuffled off our screens this week like a workhouse veteran off the mortal coil, with many turning a blind eye.


The final show, exploring Tracey Emin’s gypsy roots, garnered a 15 per cent share of the TV audience, which is a disappointing figure when compared with 20.2 per cent of viewers who tuned in to see JK Rowling kicking off the series on 17th August.

The viewing figures, at 3.54 million, also amount to two million fewer than the BBC1 average for that 9pm slot across the last 12 months.

Of course, as the author of the Harry Potter series, Rowling is beloved by legions of fans. Emin, on the other hand, is a rebel artist and general rabble-rouser who goes out of her way to offend the mainstream.

Few would argue with this, especially if they were among the lessening crowd who watched her trawling the archives on Wednesday night.

She opened by saying, “If I find out that I come from the most loving, simple, ordinary, lovely, suburban family, I think I’ll go slit my wrists.”

No doubt this was the cue for ordinary lovely suburban folk to switch over in their droves. But to be fair to Emin, stories of the middleclass neatly sidestepping poverty and political unrest through the ages might also be a turn-off.


So, who would you like to see in the next series of Who Do You Think You Are? Post a comment and let us know.