Who should replace Michael McIntyre on Britain's Got Talent?

We run through some of the likely contenders for the funnyman's Saturday-night TV throne

Who should replace Michael McIntyre on Britain's Got Talent?
Written By
Tom Glanfield

The world of light entertainment was rocked today by the announcement that Michael McIntyre has relinquished his seat on the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel. And while it’s all very well for the celebrated funnyman to shrug off his responsibility of passing judgement on potato-shaped folk with angelic voices and inner-city street-dance troupes, someone’s got to do it when the show returns next spring.  And with the Hoff already out of the picture, it looks like Syco are on the search for two new faces. But who?

Who’s got the right combination of both TV experience and a glittering showbiz background? Who, in this green and pleasant land, possesses the intellectual stamina to lock horns with Amanda Holden on live television? It’s a big ask of anyone, isn't it? Nevertheless, we thought we’d run down some of his more plausible (and less plausible) replacements…

Cheryl Cole - It's been a funny old year for Ms Cole.  First she was the chosen one, then she was the dropped one, and now she's, well, wearing a beehive haircut in the newspapers.  The tabs are saying she's nailed-on to get the nod for one of the vacant positions, and in the past Simon Cowell has said she was considered for BGT before The X Factor, but would she really go crawling back for the crumbs from Cowell's table? Surely there's been too much water under the bridge...    

David Walliams - He's a funnyman who's guaranteed to bring in ratings.  He's also a good egg, because he does all manner of crazy things (often involving swimming) for charity.  Could it be the perfect time for Mr Little Britain's sub-Kenneth Williams act to break into the Saturday-night talent show arena?  The papers think he's in with a good shot, and so do we. 

Nadine Coyle – While everyone would doubtless like to see Cheryl Cole step up to the plate, the likelihood is she probably won't. So her Girls Aloud bandmate/rival is ideally placed to usurp the Nation’s Sweetheart’s reality TV throne. With her Tesco-only album having failed to set the world alight, a spot on BGT might be just what Nadine needs to turn her career around.

Kelvin MacKenzie – As the man behind L!VE TV, and consequently the man responsible for Topless Darts and Britain’s Bounciest Weather, MacKenzie’s clearly got a showman’s instinct, and as a former Sun editor he’s evidently a man in touch with public taste. In addition, being notoriously forthright and opinionated, MacKenzie could bring a bit of Cowell-style bite back to BGT…

Brian Sewell – Fine art isn’t something that often comes up for consideration on Britain’s Got Talent, but only a fool or philistine would argue that there’s no talent involved in painting, sculpture or those video installations with all black and white people moving in slow motion and that. Just think: if Sewell attracted a whole new range of contestants, BGT could move to Sky Arts if ITV started to get bored of the franchise.

Carol Thatcher – With the Iron Lady’s blood coursing through her veins, a background as a One Show correspondent and some very forthright views, with a little coaching Carol could well become something of a female Simon to counterbalance the fluffiness of Amanda. And, should she start championing any urban music acts, her slate would be wiped clean…

Susan Boyle – Who knows what the BGT contestants are going through backstage better than the little lady from West Lothian? As the show’s biggest break-out star, Boyle is synonymous with the brand, and her worldwide popularity might well draw some viewers back to a TV show that’s had ratings-watchers predicting doom. And besides, with her in the studio, media commentators would have a field day about Susan Boyle “finding” the next Susan Boyle. For the sake of Fleet Street’s sub-editors, Syco, make it so!

Who would you like to see replace Mr McIntyre on the BGT panel? Post a comment and let us know...

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