David Tennant and Sophie Aldred signed up for children’s show

The two former Doctor Who stars will voice lead characters in CBeebies show Tree Fu Tom


Their stints on Doctor Who were more than 15 years apart but Sophie Aldred – who played the Doctor’s companion, Ace, during his seventh incarnation – is finally to become the sidekick of former Time Lord David Tennant.


Aldred and Tennant are among the talent lending their voices to Tree Fu Tom, a new animated series from CBeebies and FremantleMedia aimed at encouraging four- to six-year-olds to get physical.

Aldred plays an eight-year-old boy named Tom, who uses his magic belt and a sequence of special action movements known as Tree Fu to transform into a tiny superhero and transport himself into an enchanted arboreal kingdom called Treetopolis.

There he meets his faithful sidekick, Twigs, an energetic Acorn Sprite voiced by Tennant, and embarks on the requisite amazing adventures.

Other characters (voiced by Tim Whitnall) include Zigzoo, an eccentric tree frog inventor, Squirmtum, an odd-job woodlouse with a heart of gold, and Rickety McGlum, an ex-pro player of Treetopolis’s national sport, Squizzle.

CBeebies controller Kay Benbow said: “We have a fantastic cast on this show, who work brilliantly as a team… We are delighted to have David [Tennant] on board as part of the team. The physical energy in his performance works so well for animation and his sense of fun and cheeky humour will delight the older CBeebies audience.”


And by that, we assume she means mums…