Elizabeth: the Golden Age

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  • Shekhar Kapur (2007)
  • UK / Fr
  • 110 min
Elizabeth: the Golden Age
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4 out of 5

Almost ten years after her dazzling break-out role in Elizabeth, Cate Blanchett shows that she is still a force to be reckoned with as she reteams with director Shekhar Kapur. Queen Elizabeth I is now a little older and a lot wiser, as she faces potential conflict with Philip II of Spain (Jordi Mollà) and betrayal by her own cousin, Mary Stuart (Samantha Morton). It's only in her personal life that she's imprudent, flirting with Sir Walter Raleigh (a dashing Clive Owen), then growing jealous when he seduces one of her ladies-in-waiting. Kapur cleverly makes the dilemma of the 16th-century monarch relevant today, as Elizabeth is forced to sacrifice love for duty. And with a religious war brewing, the story resonates even more. Although the build-up to the launch of the Spanish Armada is haphazard, and Kapur plays fast and loose with history throughout, the final scenes are both exciting and wildly romantic. Ultimately, the success of the film is down to Blanchett, who leads the charge with guts and charisma.

Plot Summary

Historical drama, the sequel to Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen and Geoffrey Rush. Queen Elizabeth I is under pressure at both home and abroad to resolve the problem of her imprisoned Catholic cousin Mary. The matter gathers urgency following an assassination attempt on the Protestant monarch - and the realisation that King Philip of Spain is on the verge of invasion.

Cast and crew


Queen Elizabeth I
Cate Blanchett
Sir Francis Walsingham
Geoffrey Rush
Sir Walter Raleigh
Clive Owen
Robert Reston
Rhys Ifans
King Philip II of Spain
Jordi Mollà
Bess Throckmorton
Abbie Cornish
Mary Stuart
Samantha Morton
Sir Amyas Paulet
Tom Hollander
Thomas Babington
Eddie Redmayne


Shekhar Kapur

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Released 2 Nov 2007
Certificate 12
Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd