Nora Roberts' Tribute

  • 12
  • Martha Coolidge (2009)
  • US
  • 87 min
Nora Roberts' Tribute
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2 out of 5

An oddly flippant Brittany Murphy plays a former child star who stirs up old ghosts when she begins renovating the dilapidated Virginia home of her famous, late grandmother. Cue a flimsy and uneven mix of murder mystery and gooey romance, as haunting dreams and increasingly disturbing bursts of vandalism suggest gran's death wasn't suicide, which soon sends the initially standoffish Murphy into the arms of charming neighbour Jason Lewis (Sex and the City). The ensuing hunt for the truth is dull and slow moving; weaknesses exacerbated by ridiculous dialogue and far too much time spent on Lewis and Murphy's sugary love games. But it's the unintentionally comic performances that do most damage, giving away the identity of the killer immediately, despite the heavily signposted red herrings.

Plot Summary

Mystery drama starring Brittany Murphy and featuring Tippi Hedren. A former child actress takes on the task of restoring the dilapidated mansion of her dead actress grandmother, but is hampered by disturbing visions and dark secrets from the woman's tragic life.

Cast and crew


Cilla McGowan
Brittany Murphy
Ford Sawyer
Jason Lewis
Steve Chensky
Christian Oliver
Cathy Morrow
Diana Scarwid
Mrs Hennessey
Tippi Hedren
Tiffany Morgan
Brian Morrow
Griff Furst
Carl Hennessy
Wallace Merck
Detective Alvin Wilson
Mark Wilson


Martha Coolidge

Other Information

Edited for violence and language.
Available on DVD
Certificate 12
Delta Leisure