30 Days of Night

  • 18
  • David Slade (2007)
  • NZ / US
  • 108 min
30 Days of Night
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3 out of 5

Based on Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith's cult graphic novel, this solid shocker from Hard Candy director David Slade offers genuine surprises not seen in an undead movie since the last viscerally modern revamp, Near Dark. The premise here is that the Alaskan town of Barrow spends 30 days each year cut off from the outside world in polar winter darkness, which makes it ideal territory for feral bloodsuckers looking for an uninterrupted buffet of human flesh. After the initial invasion, survivors led by sheriff Josh Hartnett attempt to wait out the interminable month without attracting the attention of the screeching fiends. None of the original comic book's gore is tempered, whether it involves child vampires, grisly decapitation or the blood-crazed feeding frenzies of the super-quick, razor-toothed creatures. It's a variation on the classic siege-by-monsters scenario with snowy landscapes adding to the chill of the slow-building tale and Danny Huston's speaking-in-tongues pack leader grabbing the most attention.

Plot Summary

Horror thriller starring Josh Hartnett and Melissa George. Each year, the small Alaskan community of Barrow is plunged into a month-long period of total darkness when the sun sinks below the horizon. But this year the residents have an added problem when a group of vampires descends on the town, intent on using the extended night for an orgy of uninterrupted blood-sucking.

Cast and crew


Eben Oleson
Josh Hartnett
Stella Oleson
Melissa George
Danny Huston
The Stranger
Ben Foster
Beau Brower
Mark Boone Junior
Jake Oleson
Mark Rendall
Amber Sainsbury
Billy Kitka
Manu Bennett
Megan Franich
Doug Hertz
Joel Tobeck


David Slade

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Violence, swearing.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 2 Nov 2007
Certificate 18
Icon Home Entertainment