The Bridges at Toko-Ri

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  • Mark Robson (1954)
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  • 98 min
The Bridges at Toko-Ri
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4 out of 5

This glossy, star-laden Korean War movie manages to be both superbly entertaining and extremely moving, thanks to the solid direction of the underrated Mark Robson. The source material is from prolific novelist James A Michener, and his view of the futility of the war in Korea is given expert emphasis by the fine performances of William Holden as a reserve officer recalled to service and Fredric March as a gruff admiral. Grace Kelly is simply luminous as Holden's navy wife, and the movie won an Oscar for its special effects.

Plot Summary

War drama starring William Holden, Fredric March and Grace Kelly. Lieutenant Harry Brubaker is called up to fly jets during America's conflict in Korea, although he feels he contributed enough active service during the Second World War. Soon, he is assigned to a dangerous mission to bomb the strategically important five bridges at Toko-Ri.

Cast and crew


Lieutenant Harry Brubaker
William Holden (2)
Rear Admiral George Tarrant
Fredric March
Nancy Brubaker
Grace Kelly
Mike Forney
Mickey Rooney
Beer Barrel
Robert Strauss
Commander Wayne Lee
Charles McGraw
Keiko Awaji
Nestor Gamidge
Earl Holliman
Lieutenant Olds
Richard Shannon
Captain Evans
Willis Bouchey
Kathy Brubaker
Nadene Ashdown


Mark Robson

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