Nanny McPhee

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  • Kirk Jones (2005)
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Nanny McPhee
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3 out of 5

Naughty children learn valuable life lessons in this lively family fantasy written by and starring Emma Thompson. Adapted from Christianna Brand's Nurse Matilda books, it's the story of seven Victorian youngsters whose behaviour is so beastly that they've driven away 17 nannies. Their conduct worsens when they learn that their widowed father (Colin Firth) is planning to remarry; however, salvation is at hand in the form of stern and comically ugly Nanny McPhee (Thompson). Armed with a magic stick, mysterious McPhee is like an updated Mary Poppins, turning her charges' antics against them in a series of darkly amusing sequences. Though the over-tens might find the feature a tad twee, younger viewers will love its imaginative mayhem and mischievous dialogue. Stylistically, too, the movie is delightful, with an exaggerated fairy-tale look that complements the deliberately pantomimic performances. Ultimately, the conclusion may seem mawkish and predictable, but they're forgivable flaws in an otherwise well-pitched production.

Plot Summary

Fantasy adventure starring Emma Thompson and Colin Firth. Victorian England: following their mother's death, the seven Brown children have become completely uncontrollable. Seventeen nannies have come and gone and their poor father is at his wits' end. But then salvation appears in the form of the legendary Nanny McPhee, a stern and comically ugly woman who mysteriously appears on their doorstep armed with a magic stick.

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Nanny McPhee
Emma Thompson
Mr Cedric Brown
Colin Firth
Kelly Macdonald
Mrs Quickly
Celia Imrie
Mr Wheen
Derek Jacobi
Mr Jowls
Patrick Barlow
Mrs Blatherwick
Imelda Staunton
Simon Brown
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Aunt Adelaide
Angela Lansbury
Elizabeth Berrington
Tora Brown
Eliza Bennett


Kirk Jones

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Released 21 Oct 2005
Certificate U