• PG
  • Cy Endfield (1963)
  • UK
  • 138 min
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5 out of 5

This superb re-creation of the 1879 battle of Rorke's Drift is a personal triumph for producer/director Cy Endfield and Welsh producer/star Stanley Baker. Baker heads a remarkable cast that includes Michael Caine in a star-making performance playing against type as a toffee-nosed lieutenant. Technically the movie is a revelation, with stunning Technirama photography (by Stephen Dade), brilliant picture editing (John Jympson), glorious music (John Barry) and a wonderfully evocative soundtrack - who could ever forget the approaching sound of the 4,000 Zulu warriors before we see them? Richard Burton's narration is genuinely moving, and watch for Chief Buthelezi as his own ancestor, Cetewayo, chief of the Zulus.

Plot Summary

Historical war drama starring Stanley Baker, Michael Caine and Jack Hawkins. In 1879, Cetewayo, ruler of the great Zulu kingdom, inflicts a heavy defeat upon the British army at Isandhlwana and marches towards the small garrison of Rorke's Drift, where two officers desperately rally their meagre forces.

Cast and crew


Lieutenant John Chard, RE
Stanley Baker
Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead
Michael Caine
Reverend Otto Witt
Jack Hawkins
Margareta Witt
Ulla Jacobsson
Private Henry Hook
James Booth
Colour-Sergeant Bourne
Nigel Green
Private Owen
Ivor Emmanuel
Sergeant Maxfield
Paul Daneman
Corporal Allen
Glynn Edwards
Private Thomas
Neil McCarthy
Private Hitch
David Kernan
Richard Burton
Private Cole
Gary Bond
Surgeon Major James Reynolds
Patrick Magee
Private William Jones (593)
Richard Davies (2)
Corporal Frederic Schiess
Dickie Owen
Sergeant Windridge
Joe Powell
Chief Buthelezi


Cy Endfield

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Paramount Film Service Ltd
Violence, swearing.
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Certificate PG