Santa Fe

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  • Irving Pichel (1951)
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  • 86 min
Santa Fe
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2 out of 5

Made virtually back-to-back with Man in the Saddle (same year, same star, same producer, same writer), this is a much more routine western. This time, granite-faced Confederate soldier Randolph Scott is involved in unseemly sibling rivalry at the end of the American Civil War, as his brothers turn against him when he decides to work for the railroad of the title. Hollywood veteran Roy Roberts is the snarling villain, and former stuntman (and Tarzan-to-be) Jock Mahoney plays the baddie's henchman with a physicality that betrays his earlier occupation. Neither Irving Pichel's colourless direction nor Janis Carter's uninspiring leading lady adds lustre to this overfamiliar tale, and Scott just goes through the motions.

Plot Summary

Western starring Randolph Scott. In order to forget defeat in the American Civil War and to cut links with his three brothers, Confederate soldier Britt Canfield travels to Santa Fe to work on the railroad. But he doesn't find it easy to escape from sibling rivalry.

Cast and crew


Britt Canfield
Randolph Scott
Judith Chandler
Janis Carter
Terry Canfield
Jerome Courtland
Tom Canfield
Peter M Thompson
Clint Canfield
John Archer
Dave Baxter
Warner Anderson
Cole Sanders
Roy Roberts
Luke Plummer
Billy House
Dan Dugan
Olin Howlin
Ella Sue
Allene Roberts


Irving Pichel

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