Night at the Museum

  • PG
  • Shawn Levy (2006)
  • US
  • 104 min
Night at the Museum
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Film Review
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3 out of 5

Ben Stiller heads a cast of A-list comedy actors ranging from the likes of Mickey Rooney and Dick Van Dyke to Robin Williams in this raucous romp through history. Stiller plays the patsy once again as night watchman Larry Daley, who has to run for his life when an ancient curse causes the exhibits at the Museum of Natural History in New York to come to life. Stiller does a sterling job here and there's a witty use of visual effects such as when Larry is terrorised by a T-rex skeleton or when he tries to negotiate peace between a miniature Old West gunslinger (an uncredited Owen Wilson) and an equally tiny Roman general (Steve Coogan). Meanwhile, Ricky Gervais pops up as an officious museum director who's not a million miles away from David Brent. Director Shawn Levy is not always in control of his storyline as he desperately tries to string various subplots together through Larry's faltering relationship with his son (Jake Cherry). Fortunately, there are enough exciting stunts and larger-than-life performances to provide entertainment for kids and old relics alike.

Plot Summary

Fantasy comedy starring Ben Stiller as good-natured loser Larry Daley. Determined to make a better life for himself and his young son, Larry takes a job as a night security man at New York's American Museum of Natural History. But what he hopes will be a peaceful shift becomes just the opposite when an ancient Egyptian spell brings the exhibits to life as darkness falls.

Cast and crew


Larry Daley
Ben Stiller
Carla Gugino
Dick Van Dyke
Mickey Rooney
Bill Cobbs
Nick Daley
Jake Cherry
Dr McPhee
Ricky Gervais
Theodore Roosevelt
Robin Williams
Steve Coogan
Attila the Hun
Patrick Gallagher
Erica Daley
Kim Raver
Owen Wilson


Shawn Levy

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 26 Dec 2006
Certificate PG