Taming Andrew

Taming Andrew

Artie Mandelberg (2000)

PG Certificate


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Based on a true story, this TV-movie drama stars Seth Adkins as the youngster who returns to his mother (played by Park Overall) after five years living with the father who abducted him. But he has none of the social or educational skills expected of a ten-year-old, and his explosive personality makes his rehabilitation all the more problematic. The leads give it their all, but they're never entirely convincing, and the story lacks both cinematic imagination and emotional insight. While this movie explores similar territory to François Truffaut's The Wild Child and Werner Herzog's The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, director Artie Mandelberg just isn't in the same league.


A mother is distraught when her son is abducted and spends the next five years searching for him, only to suffer more pain when they are finally reunited and she discovers the emotional trauma he has endured. Fact-based drama, starring Park Overall, Jason Beghe and Seth Adkins.

Cast & Crew

Gail Park Overall
Andrew Seth Adkins
Eddie Jason Beghe
Police officer Shane Daly
Director Artie Mandelberg

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language and violence. Available on: video and DVD