Carry On Camping

  • PG
  • Gerald Thomas (1969)
  • UK
  • 85 min
Carry On Camping
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3 out of 5

Yes, this is the one in which Babs (Barbara Windsor) bursts out all over. The 17th outing is one of the liveliest Carry Ons, with the cast making light of the fact that they were shooting in freezing temperatures in fields that were so muddy they were sprayed green to give the impression of high summer. Yet again, the big slapstick finale is something of a disappointment after all the wonderful double entendre incidents, but there is the compensation of Sid James as an unlikely hippy, while Peter Butterworth has his finest hour as the miserly site owner.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Sidney James, Kenneth Williams and Joan Sims. When Sid Boggle and Bernie Lugg decide to take their girlfriends on a holiday to Paradise Camp, they think they're off to a nudist colony - but they couldn't be more wrong.

Cast and crew


Sid Boggle
Sidney James
Dr Soaper
Kenneth Williams
Joan Fussey
Joan Sims
Charlie Muggins
Charles Hawtrey
Bernie Lugg
Bernard Bresslaw
Peter Potter
Terry Scott
Barbara Windsor
Miss Haggerd
Hattie Jacques
Joshua Fiddler
Peter Butterworth
Anthea Meeks
Dilys Laye
Harriet Potter
Betty Marsden
Trisha Noble
Miss Dobbin
Valerie Leon


Gerald Thomas

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Rank Film Dists Ltd
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Certificate PG