The Contractor

  • 15
  • Josef Rusnak (2007)
  • US / UK / Bul
  • 94 min
The Contractor
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2 out of 5

A betrayed Wesley Snipes broods his way through this understated though predictable cat-and-mouse thriller. He plays a retired CIA marksman who finds himself on the run from both British police and his US bosses after he's called on to assassinate a terrorist in London. Low-key realism dominates, as director Josef Rusnak uses measured pacing and moody atmospherics to add interest to the otherwise formulaic events. Even the action sequences are unusually small-scale, making their flashy fast-edits feel incongruous. Solid performances offset the feature's direct-to-DVD status, with Inkheart's Eliza Bennett impressive as the precocious young truant whose befriending of Snipes evokes Luc Besson's Leon.

Plot Summary

Action thriller starring Wesley Snipes, Eliza Bennett and Lena Headey. Former CIA agent James Dial is lured back into service on an assassination assignment in London. But he soon finds himself framed for murder and forced to go on the run in an attempt to clear his name.

Cast and crew


James Dial
Wesley Snipes
Emily Day
Eliza Bennett
DI Annette Ballard
Lena Headey
Jeremy Collins
Ralph Brown
DCS Andrew Windsor
Charles Dance
Mrs Day
Gemma Jones
Iain Robertson
Terry Mitchell
Richard Harrington


Josef Rusnak

Other Information

Violence and swearing.
Available on DVD
Certificate 15
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment