Peter Pan

  • PG
  • P J Hogan (2003)
  • US / UK / Aus
  • 107 min
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3 out of 5

In this umpteenth adaptation of JM Barrie's children's masterpiece, Peter Pan and Wendy flirt away as though there is no tomorrow in Neverland. In searching for a mother, Peter (Jeremy Sumpter) very nearly ends up with a wife. It's no wonder that fairy Tinker Bell (called "Tink" throughout and played with wonderful spirit by Ludivine Sagnier) occasionally throws a tantrum or two. Peter and Wendy (Rachel Hurd-Wood) trifle alarmingly, but convincingly, with each other's hearts as they tussle with Jason Isaacs's terrifying Captain Hook. Australian director/screenwriter PJ Hogan (My Best Friend's Wedding, Muriel's Wedding) gives this spin on the boy who wouldn't grow up a startlingly eye-catching makeover and, despite Sumpter's American accent, manages to retain the essential Englishness of the source text.

Plot Summary

Adaptation of JM Barrie's classic fantasy adventure, starring Jason Isaacs, Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-Wood. London, the early 1900s: young Wendy Darling is visited by a boy with the ability to fly who persuades her and her brothers to join him on an adventure to the magical world of Neverland. There they encounter the evil Captain Hook and the jealous fairy Tinker Bell.

Cast and crew


Captain Hook / Mr Darling
Jason Isaacs
Peter Pan
Jeremy Sumpter
Wendy Darling
Rachel Hurd-Wood
Mrs Darling
Olivia Williams
Tinker Bell
Ludivine Sagnier
Richard Briers
Aunt Millicent
Lynn Redgrave
Sir Edward Quiller Couch
Geoffrey Palmer
John Darling
Harry Newell
Michael Darling
Freddie Popplewell
Theodore Chester
Harry Eden
Tiger Lily
Carsen Gray


P J Hogan

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Released 26 Dec 2003
Certificate PG