Murder So Sweet

Murder So Sweet

Larry Peerce (1993)

PG Certificate


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LA Law hunk Harry Hamlin should have stayed on the right side of the law if this mediocre TV movie from Wired director Larry Peerce is anything to go by. He's the lady-killer who may actually be killing ladies for real, or so his ex-wife Helen Shaver believes. It's all old hat and predictable, and the movie's worth viewing only for the acting talents of Terence Knox, star of the television series Tour of Duty, who would be exciting to watch even if he was reading the Yellow Pages.


A woman becomes convinced her smooth-talking ex-husband is responsible for the death of his latest wife, and persuades a detective to help prove her hunch. Mystery thriller, starring Harry Hamlin, Helen Shaver, KT Oslin and Terence Knox.

Cast & Crew

Steve Catlin Harry Hamlin
Edie Ballew Helen Shaver
Candy K T Oslin
Bobby Ballew Terence Knox
Glen Emory Ed Lauter
Bea Emory Frances Lee McCain
Dyna Emory Daphne Ashbrook
Director Larry Peerce
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD