Under the Piano

Under the Piano

Stefan Scaini (1995)

15 Certificate


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One of the world's leading opera stars takes centre stage in this heart-rending Canadian melodrama. As the faded diva who is too wrapped up in her own woes to recognise the talent of her autistic savant daughter, Teresa Stratas sweeps through every scene with imperious disdain. Strong performances from Megan Follows and Amanda Plummer maintain the balance, however, with Follows particularly impressive as she battles both her condition and her domineering mother to fulfil her musical potential. Based on the true story of sisters Dolly and Henrietta Giardini, this is a thoughtful and powerfully played variation on the Rain Man theme.


An autistic woman with an amazing musical talent joins forces with her sister in an effort to assert herself in the face of their domineering mother's objections. Drama, starring Amanda Plummer, Megan Fellows and Teresa Stratas.

Cast & Crew

Franny Amanda Plummer
Rosetta Megan Follows
Regina Teresa Stratas
Nick James Carroll
Frank John Juliani
Mrs Syms Jackie Richardson
Dr Banman Richard Blackburn
Dr Harkness Dan Lett
Hazel Judith Orban
Nurse Thompson Deborah Grover
Director Stefan Scaini
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD