Sleeping with the Devil

Sleeping with the Devil

William A Graham (1997)

PG Certificate


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Domestic violence forms the basis of this true-crime story. Young nurse Shannen Doherty weds bodybuilding Texas tycoon Tim Matheson, who's 24 years her senior. Two tempestuous years later, she learns that he is a wife-abusing bigamist and leaves, only for the spouse to put a hitman on her trail. What is an otherwise engrossing tale of deceit and betrayal is itself betrayed by star Doherty's insipid, colourless and unsympathetic portrayal of a real-life victim. Matheson is appropriately menacing as her brutal, two-timing husband, and there are enough twists and turns in the story to keep one watching. Ignore the flawed central casting and take in this disturbing account of one woman's determination.


A woman's life is turned upside down by the discovery that her seemingly perfect boyfriend is psychotically unbalanced and, as his mania increases, he pays a killer to gun her down. Drama, starring Shannen Doherty, Tim Matheson, Bonnie Bartlett and Steve Eastin.

Cast & Crew

Rebecca Dubrovich / Janni Smith Shannen Doherty
Dick Strang Tim Matheson
Stasha Dubrovich Bonnie Bartlett
Wes Dubrovich Steve Eastin
Liz Kate McNeil
Brian Richard Bekins
Director William A Graham
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language, violence and sex scenes.