Good Night, and Good Luck.

Good Night, and Good Luck.

George Clooney (2005)

PG Certificate


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George Clooney's second film as director is an understated ensemble piece that details a campaign by journalists to take on the might of Senator Joe McCarthy during his attempts to root out "communists" in the 1950s. Clooney also appears as CBS newsroom producer Fred Friendly, but wisely retreats to the background for the most part in favour of David Strathairn. As languid anchorman Edward R Murrow (whose signature sign-off gives the film its title), Strathairn gives a magnificent performance of quiet, steadfast courage, taking on not only McCarthy but his concerned station boss William Paley (an excellent Frank Langella) over whether or not to air the provocative reports. Clooney uses - and occasionally overuses - archive footage of the hearings to bring the true bullying monstrousness of the junior senator from Wisconsin to life, while keeping the simmering drama tightly confined within the studios and offices of CBS. Gorgeously shot in black and white by cinematographer Robert Elswit through a fug of cigarette smoke, this Oscar-nominated movie not only establishes Clooney's credentials as a director, but also indirectly has much to say about the state of the US media post 9/11.


Fact-based drama charting broadcast journalist Edward R Murrow's decision to take a stand against Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s, questioning the bullying tactics and the climate of fear and reprisal behind the politician's anti-communist campaign and the House Un-American Activities Committee. Starring David Strathairn and George Clooney, who also directed, alongside Frank Langella, Robert Downey Jr and Patricia Clarkson.

Cast & Crew

Edward R Murrow David Strathairn
Shirley Wershba Patricia Clarkson
Fred Friendly George Clooney
Sigfried "Sig" Mickelson Jeff Daniels
Joe Wershba Robert Downey Jr
William Paley Frank Langella
Don Hollenbeck Ray Wise
Charlie Mack Robert Burke
John Aaron Reed Diamond
Jessie Zousmer Tate Donovan
Don Hewitt Grant Heslov
Palmer Williams Thomas McCarthy
Don Surine Robert Knepper
Director George Clooney
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: RedbusAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 17 Feb 2006